In Her Eyes – Part 1


Teenagers shouldn’t have the look that she does in her eyes; at least not for the reason that she does. Haniya stared at me from across the brow of her school desk and said with a blunt, matter-of-fact tone, words I have heard so many times before “ I feel like I am not Kenyan”. Her eyes shone and reflected a mix of guilt and anger for having to justify to herself why she is worth a second thought; why she deserves to be taught by actual teachers, instead of stand up and lead her class in a revision session of the trapezium method. Coming from “down”, the truncated slang for “Down Kenya”, It has dawned on me, in the way that dull hunger pangs dawn on you, that those who are victimized the most in the teachers strike are Kenya’s students, but sitting here in Haniya’s white-washed classroom, transfixed…

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