|BILLY’S STORY| Lets talk about race

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Billy Mzenga/Writer

When I began writing this blog a few months ago, I planned to begin by lamenting the fact that conversations about race have been impossible for me to have with my white friends. There has always seemed to be a general dismissiveness to the topic. Two separate events occurred in the intervening period that changed that. The Sunday after Jamar Clark was killed in North Minneapolis I went to church. I was admittedly shocked when the pastor of the predominately white church I attend, in light of what had just happened, broached the polarizing idea of “white privilege”. He offered no specific answers but pointed the attendees to an article that he had recently read that helped him better understand what “white privilege” meant. Weeks later, I went to a friend’s house to watch the Vikings/Packers game. During halftime he asked me “So, can you tell me what this…

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