|PARKER’S STORY| Friday the 13th

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Parker Hines/Contributor

Friday November 13th 2015 better known as Friday the 13th. A day that served as a conversation starter for most, marked a special day in my life. Instead of thinking about all of the horrible things that could possibly happen to me on that particular day I felt an unbelievable sense of comfort and contentment with my life, who I have become as an individual, and what I have accomplished approaching the conclusion of my Jordan year (23). Don’t get me wrong I am far from satisfied, and continue to search inwardly as well as outwardly through observation, conversation and meditation to consume as much knowledge to become the best Parker that I can be every day.

The feeling on this particular day was like a small tug on my rope of life, and for the first time I wasn’t at war with the opposition. I felt gratitude…

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