Why she doesn’t SUBMIT to you.

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The reason she doesn’t submit to you is, she doesn’t trust your ability to lead her. You can’t even lead yourself. #EbrahimAseem A genuine woman will never submit to inconsistency. Stop trying to control a woman or calling her ”smart mouthed.”

By: Ebrahim AseemFollow @fuel4thebody

Men, we can’t be fooled to think these “ride or die” girls who stay “loyal” after we put her through hell really love us. A girl who submits to your inconsistencies & never calls out your mistakes has no investment in your growth. #EbrahimAseem She intentionally holds back your growth so you won’t out-grow & leave her.

Staying loyal to him even when you think you’re being played isn’t loyalty. If you can’t respectfully call him out on inconsistency, you’re disloyal to your worth & you don’t love him. Be more loyal to the red flags you see than you are to potential he…

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