My KNH Story

Very touching sorry and yet very real situation in most Kenya hospitals!! Sad state of Health matters!!

Unbroken Eyes

I can’t say I hate hospitals; I was always in them anyways especially over the last 3 years. Also, I think I would be pretty good at nursing.

Everyone who’s been to Kenyatta National Hospital has a story. You must have one. So today I will share mine.

I knew KNH like the back of my hand, I knew which entrance to use when it was past visiting hours, I knew which guards were friendlier and what to tell them, I knew where to get the Wheel chairs which are a hidden gem or the stretchers from 7th floor. I once paid a night cleaner 200 bob to get me one. This was my first night at KNH and it was at 10pm.

My mum had to be admitted, we had no money for admission to the private ward and also KNH had better orthopedic doctors and we’d be…

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