|ANA’S STORY| Three Big Prayers

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Ana Vergara/Contributor

It is so sweet for me to look at what God has done for me in the past 25 years. I absolutely love looking back, connecting the dots, and realizing just how perfect His timing is. This blog highlights a little about my background and how God has moved in my life. I’ve had three major prayers in my life that seem really simple but I have felt so fortunate to have them answered. I think it’s important to have heartfelt conversations, so I really appreciate this blog. Especially, living in a society that seems to love division and keeping conversations surface level.

When I was younger I lived in an affluent Minnesota suburb called Chanhassen. My parents were undocumented immigrants and decided to move to Minnesota from California in hopes of providing a better future for my siblings and I. California was just too competitive for the…

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