|NIKKI’S STORY| I am glad to have Somali friends and neighbors here

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Nikki Marcellino/Contributor

I want to share a story. I have thoughts and feelings that are so raw right now about our world and country.

A few weeks ago, my church took a few Sundays to review our mission is as a church. During one of these Sundays, our pastor, Steve, said a comment that I loved and that got my mind rolling. He said something like, “As a church, my hope is that people in this city could say, ‘I may not agree with everything that these people believe, but I am sure glad they are here.” When he said this, I began to think about the neighborhood surrounding my church. I was thinking about the other churches nearby and then about the East African restaurants just down the street and the Somali people in the community that own and run many of these restaurants. Then I thought, “I may…

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