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|ANA’S STORY| Three Big Prayers

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Ana Vergara/Contributor

It is so sweet for me to look at what God has done for me in the past 25 years. I absolutely love looking back, connecting the dots, and realizing just how perfect His timing is. This blog highlights a little about my background and how God has moved in my life. I’ve had three major prayers in my life that seem really simple but I have felt so fortunate to have them answered. I think it’s important to have heartfelt conversations, so I really appreciate this blog. Especially, living in a society that seems to love division and keeping conversations surface level.

When I was younger I lived in an affluent Minnesota suburb called Chanhassen. My parents were undocumented immigrants and decided to move to Minnesota from California in hopes of providing a better future for my siblings and I. California was just too competitive for the…

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Perspectives on Motherhood: Change, Love, and Loss


In this collection, read perspectives on motherhood from writers and artists, from a mother-to-be’s ruminations on gestation and time, to a father’s thoughts on his wife after the birth and death of their son, and more.

”A Wilderness of Waiting,” Sarah Menkedick

At Vela, Sarah Menkedick weaves a gorgeous essay on pregnancy and waiting.

Before gestation, I dominated time in the way I dominated my body. Long runs whittled the latter into sculpted hardness, and the discipline of schedules and fixed points — Saturday, summer, graduation — brought the former into focus as a series of arrows pointing always one towards the next. Time as trajectory, body as tool of the mind. And then this baby began growing and my body expanded into a force to which the “me” of my mind was subjugated, bobbing about unsteady and insignificant as a paper boat in surges of blood and hormones. Time yawned open, a…

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My KNH Story

Very touching sorry and yet very real situation in most Kenya hospitals!! Sad state of Health matters!!

Unbroken Eyes

I can’t say I hate hospitals; I was always in them anyways especially over the last 3 years. Also, I think I would be pretty good at nursing.

Everyone who’s been to Kenyatta National Hospital has a story. You must have one. So today I will share mine.

I knew KNH like the back of my hand, I knew which entrance to use when it was past visiting hours, I knew which guards were friendlier and what to tell them, I knew where to get the Wheel chairs which are a hidden gem or the stretchers from 7th floor. I once paid a night cleaner 200 bob to get me one. This was my first night at KNH and it was at 10pm.

My mum had to be admitted, we had no money for admission to the private ward and also KNH had better orthopedic doctors and we’d be…

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Why she doesn’t SUBMIT to you.

Real News


The reason she doesn’t submit to you is, she doesn’t trust your ability to lead her. You can’t even lead yourself. #EbrahimAseem A genuine woman will never submit to inconsistency. Stop trying to control a woman or calling her ”smart mouthed.”

By: Ebrahim AseemFollow @fuel4thebody

Men, we can’t be fooled to think these “ride or die” girls who stay “loyal” after we put her through hell really love us. A girl who submits to your inconsistencies & never calls out your mistakes has no investment in your growth. #EbrahimAseem She intentionally holds back your growth so you won’t out-grow & leave her.

Staying loyal to him even when you think you’re being played isn’t loyalty. If you can’t respectfully call him out on inconsistency, you’re disloyal to your worth & you don’t love him. Be more loyal to the red flags you see than you are to potential he…

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